Discount for paintball

Planet Paintball Discount Club !!!
In our paintball club “Planet” there is a Planet Paintball Discount Club for our clients! !!

Our club has introduced a system of accumulative discount cards for individuals.

Cards are divided into four types:

10% discount,
15% discount,
20% discount,
club discount 25%.

Each card has its own serial number, which greatly facilitates the possibility of accounting for your cumulative discount.

How to get a paintball discount card?

To receive a discount card, you need to pay for rental services for a certain amount, having previously filled out a questionnaire.

10% – payment for three games for a minimum total amount of 10000 UAH for each game.
15% – payment for fifteen games, for a minimum total amount of 10000 UAH for each game.
20% – payment for thirty games for a minimum total amount of 10000 UAH for each rental.

The discount card is not personalized, and you can give it to your friends and acquaintances when paying for services. This will significantly speed up the receipt of a discount card with a greater discount.

A discount on any discount card is provided to the customer presenting it, starting from the first payment for the service made after the card has been issued.

To receive a discount, you must show your card.

Services purchased during promotions, sales and with a discount of the club card , do not participate in the cumulative discount.

These discount cards do not provide discounts when paying for services and making purchases by legal entities.

Discounts on cards are not valid during promotions and sales.

The validity of all discount cards is not limited.

Paintball club “Planet” reserves the right to change the current rules for the issuance and use of discount cards, informing you about all changes through the club’s website.

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