What is paintball? Paintball Varieties

Do you want to play paintball? Fine! But there is one small but!
You are far from what it is, what it is and what it is eaten with!
We will help you to deal with the types of paintball, their certain features and requirements for the game itself.

Sport paintball

In this case, teams can be of 3 types: 3×3, 4×4, 5×5.
More than 5 people in a team are usually not going to, although there are tournaments 7×7 and 10×10. A minimum of 19 different figures must be placed on the field, about 1 meter high. 2 of them should be recumbent (snakes) and one in height from 2 to 3 meters in the middle of the field. The figures are made inflatable special shape. The field itself is 25×50 meters. At these fields, you can just play for fun, to train in preparation for tournaments. In sport paintball tournaments the requirements for the field and the figures are exactly the same. Recently, a special popularity has received a kind of paintball X-ball-
– This is a derivative of paintball with the addition of elements taken from hockey, football and basketball, to make the game more dynamic and spectacular.

Rolling entertainment paintball.

The length of the field is the same: 25×50 meters. It should also be 19 figures.
Their placement and shape does not matter and is limited to the builders imagination or the theme of the field. The height must be at least 1 meter in order for the player to completely hide behind it. The figures are usually made from car ramps, tires, sandbags or from wood. There are 2 teams playing on such a platform, from 5 to 10 people each. This is a kind of paintball for newbies. At such venues, games are held for the sake of entertainment, as well as trainings and tournaments for non-professional players.

Tactical paintball.

He is 2 species:

1. Playing in abandoned buildings. Shooting at corridors, rooms, through windows, passages, etc. There are conditional missions to capture a building or search for some object, for example.

2. Play on the grounds with a maximum size of 500×500 meters. Here the figures are various booths, small buildings, trenches, bunkers from sandbags, trees, ramps, barrels, etc.

The territory is usually uneven initially. Tactical paintball usually uses accessories that improve the technical characteristics of your equipment and increase your chances of winning.

It can be:

  • long barrels for markers – 16 ″ -20 ″ inches;
  • external gas line for the cylinder – “mamba”, to facilitate the marker (the cylinder is twisted from the marker and worn in a special belt or unloading behind the back);
  • harnes with tubas (a special belt that is worn on the back and special containers for balls that can hold up to 900 balls);
  • paintball grenades (usually several types: RGD (radius 7-10 meters), F-1 (radius 5-7 meters) and smoke grenades);
  • portable radio stations;
  • binoculars.

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