What is Lazertag

In the lasertag game, the players use the electronic weapon of the professional name Tager.

In laser tag, unlike paintball, there are no cartridges, so this game is safe for all ages, all hits are captured by electronic devices and cannot be fooled.

The player package includes:

  • Tager weapons and conditional 7 clips of 30 cartridges, depending on the scenario for at least two lives;
  • Headband – hit recorder; when hit, the indicator on the bandage flashes when the player is “killed”; the indicator is lit permanently.

We want to warn you instead of being interested in “What is laser tag?” It’s better to play a game once. You will get a lot of positive emotions and adrenaline!

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Answering the question “what is lasertag?” It is also worth telling about the principle of the game. The main task of each team as a whole, and each player of the teams separately is to hit the blaster-machine guns with the safe rays of the opponents, which leads to the defeat of the enemy team. During the game there is a need to defeat interactive targets and bases (AULs). Hitting the enemy will be counted if the special sensors – sensors on a special vest or bandage, or other clothes of the enemy – will register the beam of the blaster-automaton.

Laser tag types and types of game:

Arener  lasertag is a type of game in which actions take place indoors with the presence of a labyrinth specially equipped with obstacles (for whom and shelters);
Outside the arena laser tag – this type of game is combat in the open air – on the street.

Military lasertag (army lasertag) – in this type of game, all participants use military tactical combat skills with elements of a well-developed strategy.

Mobile lasertag (universal lasertag) – a type of game that involves the use of a maze, does not require technical installation, and communication occurs through the exchange of radio signals with a mobile control computer. In simplified versions of the mobile laser tag game (universal lasertag), there is no need to use communication devices.

Custom lasertag – a type of game based on meeting non-commercial goals. He is making a purchase, as well as handwritten creation of the necessary equipment for an individual game.

Laser Tag Scenarios

Scenarios of the game in laser tag are very diverse and a lot of them. For one game, you can use one already known script or come up with a new one.
Popular Laser Tag Game Scenarios:

• Capture the Flag;
• Hunting;
• Capture base;
• Stripping;
• Special Forces;
• Capture documents;

Arena laser tag styles

Many players believe that arena laser tag styles are one of the main criteria by which the categories of laser tag are distinguished. There are such styles lasertag:

Fast – style, which is the presence of a limited number of sensors on clothing or special vests and headbands.
This means that it is more difficult to plunge the enemy, because it is necessary to carry out shots more precisely.
The second criterion that determines the style of the game in laser tag as fast is the higher rate of fire of the blasters-machines. This increases the pace of the game. The fast laser tag style includes the following two:

  • Power;
  • Sports (close to contact sport).

Also, this style of game is characterized by a decrease in the rate of fire by 2-3 times. To the slowest styles of the game in laser tag include the following two:

  • Adventure;
  • Roleplaying

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