Our contribution to paintball

Paintball club “Planet” (known under the brand name “Sakura” until 2005) and has been operating in the Ukrainian market for over 10 years.
Paintball club “Planeta”, together with the Paintball Federation of Ukraine , is the organizer of sports tournaments of international level: “Kiev Azart”, “Ukrainian Championship”, “Independence Cup”. In 2005, as part of the popularization of paintball in Ukraine, with the participation of the paintball club “Planet”, the Ukrainian League of Troeks (Central Region) was organized. Its first stage took place at our sports playground in Hydropark. Our club “Planet” is the official distributor of the manufacturer of paintball balls “TS” in Ukraine. The sports direction of the club’s activities is highlighted on the website www.paintball.in.ua

There is never too much paintball, therefore:

we organize and conduct sports and amateur tournaments, corporate events, large-scale games with the simultaneous participation of 100 or more people;
on the basis of the club, sports and amateur teams train and hang out every day;
every week we conduct paintball trainings for teams and solo players.
Even when paintball is everywhere and always, this is not enough for us, so
we develop by opening our own new playgrounds in Kiev;
we help organize paintball in a city where there is no or not enough;
we sell equipment and equipment from the world’s best manufacturers to young clubs, teams and individual players;
we sell the best paintball balls of the TS trademark;
we offer the best paintball in Kiev for event companies.
We in paintball and paintball in us
On the basis of the club, participants and teams-prize-winners of europe European stages of the international tournament Centurio, domestic and Russian tournaments (“Atomix”, “Gepard”, “Progress”, “Avalon”).

Пейнтбол в Киеве